Friday, July 03, 2015

SEPHORA green tea fiber mask


So we're in July! How is it possible? I feel like May was the other day.. 
It's definitely summer as the weather is really really warm!
Here I am today to talk about one of my fav products of the moment: fiber face masks!


They are amazing for travel cause they're wrapped in a small bag and to make your skin look fresh and amazing. Sephora has in their range a great variety of colours and flavours. So far I have tried the ginger one, pomegranade one, perl one and this green tea one and they all were amazing!
I even like them cool; you just put them in the fridge before applying it! So good and calming!

So this is how they work:

You open the package
Apply it into clean and dry skin by pressing it gently on your face
Leave it on for 15 minutes
Peel it off
DON'T wash your face but just rub in the rest of the product and you're done!

Be prepared: you will look scary with that on haha
but I promise your skin will be better right after.

So here was my quick review on these masks! Have you ever tried other brands ones? 
I only know these one by Sephora so leave a comment down below if you know other brands that do it and I will be sure to try them!

Wish you a wonderful evening!


  1. Im a big fan of sheet masks, and I always see this one at sephora but never buy it. I think I should grab a few next time.

    1. Yes! I love them too and reccomend you these ones :) thanks for your comment xx

  2. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do the versatile blogger award and if you're interested in doing it you can find it over on my blog :) x