Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bleach London: how I dye my hair!

Hello lovelies! 

As I got so many questions about my pastel ends when I got them and as I just was in the mood of dying my ends again, I decided to make a post about the process and the products I use. 

As you can see, the products that I usually use are the Bleach London super cool colours and the reincarnation mask (I also like to use La Riche directioner and Stargazer ones but Bleach London products are way better for me!)

To reach the peachy-pastel-pink I love I use a mix of Rosè and Awkward Peach (they are my favs from the range! 5 stars colours!) I usually do the mix trying to mix two parts of pink and one of peach. The colours are already pastel so you don't need to add other conditioner or somthing! :) 

It's so so so easy and the products smell so good that you will want to dye your hair again and again! Also Bleach London products didn't damage my hair at all, they like "nourish" my hair and this is why I love them. Hair feels soft and not dry at all! 

Then I apply the mix straight into my ends with the use of this brush (you can get the brush and a mixing bowl similar to this into the total bleach kit or any other store). I leave it up for 20-25mins then rinse well and don't shampoo! Then I apply the reincarnation mask to my ends and leave it for 10 mins and rinse well. Then simply blow dry. 

And this is the result! Obviously I have ombre hair so the ends were already bleached and light, so this is why the colour is so true and pastel. If you don't have bleached hair I suggest you to bleach them first with one of the kits.. You can bleach just the part you want to colour. If you don't want to bleach your hair, you can just choose a darker shade like purple or dark green and it will end up less bright but still a good colour. 

If you have any questions please leave me a comment. Also if you want me to talk about what I think of the colours of the range and what I tried and the result I got, let me know. What do you think of dying your hair in crazy colours? 

Hope you have a lovely evening! 


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Things that you will love: STVDIO 5 ♡

Hello everybody! 

I had some problems with my wifi connection and busy uni days, but here I am! 
How have you been? 
Today I'm here to talk about a wonderful brand: STVDIO 5
They were so so lovely to send me this box of goodies and I really hope you'll love everything as much as I do! :)

I wish you could smell my room right now: it smells like sweets! Look at all the things that were in the box! Everything was wrapped with love and care in these striped bags and, let's be honest, don't you love when you receive something and it's lovely wrapped? It makes you feel loved. 
I don't know, maybe it's just me but when it comes to packaging and everything, you totally get me. 

I'll show you everything in detail and (as you couldn't love them more) everything is 100% vegan and natural.. this is a BIG thumbs up! I really love when things work amazingly and at the same time they are good for your skin. We put (a lot of) make up almost everyday but we don't have to forget that behind that make up layer, there's skin, there's us.. so we have to take care of our skin as much as we do for our body. Eat well, sleep well and give natural food to your skin too.
Okay, telling-off done. haha.
Here's the fist thing. Omg.. I don't even have words to describe it. You will NEVER think it's a soap. I am actually holding back from eat it! It smells like strawberry and vanilla and it's absolutely a piece of art. I have to order another one beause I don't think I will ever use it as I don't want to destroy it haha

Second thing is a bath bomb! If you are a Lush lover, then you will probably end up loving stvdio 5 bath bomb more! They are 100% SLS free, containing only natural and premium ingredients. I absolutely loooove them. My skin was so soft after the bath and the smell is so nice and calmin. You will need this for a very special pampering night!

Then one of the things that went straight to my favs of all time. This 100% natural hand cream!
It's a little bit liquidy and I thought it would have leaved that oily sensation but I was wrong! It's amazing, dries quickly and completely. Your hands will just feel amazingly soft and nourished. I don't use other hand creams and I actually put a bit of it in a small pot to bring it with me in my bag! It has glycerin and aloe vera extract to help keep the skin as hydrated as possible and to increase elasticity. Aloe vera contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and B12, vitamin C and E, folic acid and niacin. It helps provide oxygen to the skin, which further strengthens the tissue. It is also silicone and paraben-free! It doesn't have any particular fragrance but it's just a lovely thing because natural things have to smell of anything but what it contains so no fragrance and colourants is the best!

Another thing I am loving so much and that I needed is this nail butter! As it's freezing inside and ouside you will probably find it solid and a bit hard to work but I usually put it near the fireplace or radiators for few seconds and it will be perfect! It smells so good because it have Aloe in it and because of Aloe and Vitamin E your cuticles will be super hydrated; it was just the thing I needed. And also your nail will feel hydrated and healthy too and this is a great thing because I usually hate the fact that during winter my nails are so fragile and tend to break. I'm so happy now because I feel like I have new nails too and I can keep them growing healty and prevent the rift. This thing is precious!

And then a lovely cupcake.. hahah if I'd see this in a buffet I'd surely eat it but as it's presented as a bath related thing I'm holding back to do it telling myself it's just a cute shaped soap. Actually this is a face soap with gentle scrub. I have been using it for days now and it works amazingly! My skin looks healthier, bright and soft! It contains 100% natural and rich ingredients including olive, coconut and almond oils. It of course smells amazing and delicate! It doesn't even irritate your eyes as it's so gentle on your skin.

And for the "things I will never use as it's so beautiful" we have this amazing soap!
Look at this!! This is art in a soap, not even kiddin!
I'm currently struggling because I want to use it so bad and don't want to ruin it too. I'm weird, I know. hahaha It smells so nice though! It smells like fresh lemon, sweet orange and a soft touch of mint! I have it in a box in my room and I can smell it trough my room! It's so lovely! 

Last but not least, in this striped bag we have deodorant! Mind blowing cause it works well and it's natural too, made with flour!! It has no alcohol so it doesn't damage your skin as a lot of spray deodorants could do. No fragrance but it's good for your skin! 

So? I'm sure you will love all this things and they have a lot lot more on their amazing site here --> Stvdio5! They have things for ladies, boys and now they also have an amazing home section with soy candles! Amazing! I am not payed at all for saying this things but I genuinely love them, their products and their natural philosophy!
You can check them out also in their social media!

I really hope you liked this post and let me know in the comments what is the item you liked the most or if you will buy something or there is something from the site that you like!
I really hope you will have a lovely day and I will see you on the next post!


Thursday, February 05, 2015

January Favourites ♡

Hello lovelies! 

It's Feb and that means just one thing: Jan Favourites! :D

I didn't buy a lot of new things this month but I quite discovered things I already owned and that I didn't used a lot recently.
One of these things is the Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51 Vanilla!
I didn't liked it at all when I bought it cause it was too thick and I didn't liked how it worked and, a part from the lovely smell, I used to leave it on a side thinking that it didn't like my skin. 
Recently I tried to give it another chance and it surprised me! Basically I love it now and I've been using it a lot this month, almost everyday I think. It is perfect for a dewy look, great for dry skin (I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin at all) and I just think I didn't like it at first cause I have changed my skin routine and now my skin is a bit more hydated and it works really well with it. The coverage is buildable but you can have a medium coverage with just one layer. It doesn't last 16hours as it says, obviously, but it stays on place with a good powder on top for like six hours. 
But I think it's great for a high street foundation. 

Then I have rescovered berry-burgundy eyeshadows and I've been love these two a lot! 
The first one is from KIKO and it's a loveluy berry-red-coppery shade which is really pretty and makes blue eyes pop up (just saying.. blue eyed girls take note!) and then the second one is from the Vamp line by PUPA and it's a cream one, more brown-burgundy but it looks so pretty; has little shimmers in it and lasts really really long! I also love it as a base for others eyeshadows! Preeetty!

On to the lips I've been using a lot these two lipsticks; one from KIKO again and it's a lovely dark red and the second one, which it's not properly autumnal but I used it a lot this month, is the L'oreal caresse in Dating Coral, a wonderful coral that doesn't last very long and it's pretty creamy but also a lot moisturizing!

How not to mention my best friend in these Jan cold days: Labello lip butter. It smells amazing, feels amazing on the lips and the little pot is just too cute!

I also have two hair products in the favs of the month and the first is this hair repairing spay with keratin from Avon; it's a 7 in 1 spray that you can apply both on wet and dry hair and then you basically brush it and you're done, the hair feels so soft, healthy and moisturized and smells so good too. Totally helped me a lot cause I had very dry ends but since I've been using this combined with the mask and the shampoo, my hair is like resurrected. 

The second one is this AMAZING mask from Bleach London for dyed and bleached hair; as you may or may not know I have ombre hair, which means my ends have been bleached so damaged but my hair looks totally different when I apply this mask and this is why I adore it! You just need a little bit and you'll feel your hair so soft as soon as you put it on, it's magical! If you ever need a good mask for your hair, I'd definitely recommend this to you. It costs nothing for what it does and really lasts you aaages. 

So these were the things I've been loving this month! 
Do you have one of this things and what to you thing about them? What have you been loving during Jan?

Hope you're having a great day and I will see you on the next post!

(Next post will be GREAT! I'm so excited cause I have some wonderful things to show you so.. stay tuned!)