Monday, April 20, 2015

My Magnitone LUCID experience! #7dayschallenge

Hello lovelies! 

Here I am with a post I am so excited to write because I am so happy to share with you something that has really changed my skin!
So I am sure you have heard about Magnitone LUCID, but as the price is not that small (still AMAZING price for what you get, I really would never regret even investing double the price!!) a lot of you may have thought: "does it really worth the hype?". 
So here I am showing you what you will get and my experience with it! :)

First thing first, it comes in a great variety of colours from blue to pink to yellow and you can also do a sort of a quiz that will help you find the colour of your personality :) 
(you can find the colour test here! So fun!)
I have chosen the aqua green one cause I loove this colour as you may know haha and this is what it looks like!

it has inside a charger with both the european adaptor and the uk adaptor that is actually an induction one, which is fab so there are no holes on the actual brush and it's more safe!
It also comes with a warranty activable online and a £5 discount code on any order from their site!
I think I'am going to use it for the replacement brushes :p

Once is fully charged you can take your brush, wet it a bit (it is fully water resistant!) then put on the bristles you fav skincare product (I am using the Simple moisturising facial wash atm) then simply turn on your brush and use it as a normal face brush. Magnitone Lucid is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technologic and it has electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into skin which naturally unclog pores and sweep away dry and dead skin cells. With over 10,000 movements per minute, your skin feels amazing and is better prepared to absorb all your skincare products. It just needs 1 minute, basically 3 intervals of 20 seconds; A "beep" will notify you when the 20 seconds are over so you can change zone and then it turns off automatically at the end of the minute. This is because a minute is the perfect time to exfoliating and clean your skin without damaging it or make it too sensitive!

After using it, I rinse off all soap using my hands to remove any remaining cleanser. (Don’t forget the edges of your face and the area around your nose cause soap residue could cause unsightly breakouts). Next, dry my face by dabbing it with a towel (rubbing with a cloth can irritate, stretch and cause wrinkles on the skin) then apply a pore minimizer toner and then my moisturizer and eye cream.

I used it every day and night and since the first use I was shocked by how good it was! Now I can't imagine a time of my life without it! I am so so happy to have it in my life because my life has really changed and my skin never looked so healthy, glowy and clean! I used to have visible pores and had to fight every night to let all the make up go away from them and now I am so happy cause my skin is all cleared up and I don't even need to wear foundation to make my skin look better cause it is; it's really better and also people around me can tell it!

Do I recommend it? 101%! 
It's the best thing I have ever tried on my face and it really takes a minute to change your skin!
Have you ever tried something like that? What do you think about it?
What skin care products do you use?

I really hope this post helped some of you and I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Have a lovely day! 


Monday, April 13, 2015

My fav dry shampoo

Hello lovelies!

How are you? Hope you're doing well! After the busy Easter break, I am here with an updating post and a little review! :)

I spent my Easter in the south and I had so much fun with my friends and family; I did also eat loads of chocolate! #sorrynotsorrytho
And as I didn't have so much time to wash my hair every two days as I would, I discovered - finally - a dry shampoo that actually satisfied me!

I always didn't like at all the idea of a dry shampoo and when I tried a Garnier one years ago I decided that I hated it as a product! It took me a while to try a new one and now I can say that I am so happy I found a perfect one for me! 

There's a thing that I hate the most of two-days-washed hair and that is having zero volume on the top and on the side fringe.. It totally irritates me and I would usually go for a wash but we all know that there are those really busy days where we don't want to to anything but we also want freshly looking hair, well this is the time where a dry shampoo would really make the difference!
The one that I am loving at the moment is the Batist Dry Shampoo which promise (and maintens actually) a great volume and clean looking hair.. I adore it, it gives me just the right volume I need, it also helps giving texture to the hair and the fact that doesn't really have a smell is amazing for me cause I don't like those strong flavoured ones. 
You just spry it where you need at a 20cm distance from the hair, leave it for about two minutes, stroke the hair with a dry towel, then brush down everything and you're done! 

I really like it and I feel I won't change it by now. Do you use dry shampoo? What are your fav ones? Leave me a comment down below so I could probably try a new one! 

Hope you have a lovely night! 

Se you on the next post!