Sunday, June 28, 2015

W7 make up haul & review

Hello lovelies

Here I am today with a haul/review on some stuff that W7 has kindly sent me!
Here's the bunch of things; I got:
  • The argan oil lip balm
  • The Thick em up mascara
  • The king kohl eye pencil in black
  • The camouflage concealer kit
  • The in the mood palette
Let's start with the review of every single item :)

Let's start with the thing I was more excited to try and actually the thing I loved the most: in the mood palette!
I heard so many things about it and I am so happy I had the chance to try it!


The palette has 6 eyeshadows, all in natural/nude colours, one shimmer and the other ones matte.
As you may notice is the perfect dupe for the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. 
I compared them down here and I must day that they are pretty the same. W7 shadows are so pigmented, they last pretty well and colours are vibrant just like the UD ones. 
UD ones are, of course, more buttery and easy to blend and they last a bit longer but, for the price, W7 ones are really amazing! I recommend you to buy this as it's a great palette and would be a perfect item to travel with!

(right swaches are w7's and left are UD's)

Then let's talk about the camouflage kit.. As a camouflage kit I was expecting a great coveage but I was, unfortunately, wrong. The palette has 5 shades of creamy concealers; some of them are peachy (under eyes circles) and others are more beige (face) but the problem is not just the fact that they don't match my pale skin, but the fact that they don't cover at all :(
I have tried them many times but they just give a bit of colour but actually nothing in terms of coverage. I am so sad cause it would have been great to have a palette like this with a great amout of shades just in one place. Unfortunately I do not recommend this to you! Meh :(

 The it's the argan oil lip balm! It's a normal lip balm, packed like a lipstick!
It's of course transparent but I am actually surprised about it! I thought it would have done nothing to my super dry lips but I actually liked it and I am using it a lot! It probably doesn't have the greatest inci but it does the job and I am difficult to please when it comes to lip balms. It's not the best but, I mean, if you want to try a different lip balm, this is quite nice. And it smells lovely.


Other thing I liked is the eye pencil. It reminds me of the UD ones in the packaging but UD ones are more creamy and soft, this one is more "dry" but stays on pretty well, it's carbon black so I liked it! I didn't use it in the waterline and I don't think it would be great used there but it lasted pretty nice on the lid! Again, it's so so so cheap so.. nice for that! :)

Last one is probably the thing that disappointed me the most cause I was expecting a lot from this but actually is the thing I would less recommend :( It's not the mascara itself, the formula it's a but liquidy but It's a great black and dries well..the problem is the applicator. It's pure p l a s t i c; rigid one! It's awful and as it's so rigid it tends to stain the lid :( So I don't recommend it! I head great thing about the others w7 mascaras like the Bunny Lash but this.. just no. :( 


Hope this review was helpful! Have you ever tried something from W7? I am so impressed by the palette and I can't wait to try the other ones as they seem cool dupes! Let me know if you have these and what you like from the brand so I can check em out!

See you on my next post!
love you!

Monday, June 22, 2015

JCat beauty Liptitude 24/7

Good afternoon lovelies

Here I am with a review + swatches on the new lip products by the brand Jcat! They have came out with a new product range called Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating lip stains that covers a good variety of shades from nudes, to hot pinks, to orange to dark reds and that is made to be pulled off with attitude!

The colours are SO bright, application is amazingly even and pigmentation is incredible.
Thet do have a minty scent which is not great if you don't like minty scents but, of course, it will go away from your lips once dried. The finish is pretty lucid, you just need a tiiiny bit to cover your entire lips and they stay pretty hydrating on the lips so you will not feel them dry once is up.
They last on me pretty well, something from 4 (the nudes) to 5 hours (the other ones). They stain your lips a bit so you will need a waterproof/stronger make up remover to gently take the colour off your lips. Their price is ridiculously small and you get A LOT of product! Inside the applicator is like the one of a lipgloss and the thick formula makes it easy to apply even with the same applicator.
I basically love them and I think their colours are great for this season! :)

Here are the swatches on my lips ( don't mind my face in these hahah lolz) 
so you can get the idea of the actual colour on the lips :)

Colours shown:
110 [pale beige nude]
109 [pale pinky nude]
102 [bright orange]
105 [hot corally pink]
104 [true red]

I really hope you like this post and that I helped you in some way! If you was thinking of buying them then just go for it, they are really great items to have in your collection and they also are great for making ombre lips or lips art as they're like acrilic on the lips! :)

I wish you a lovely day and I will see you soon on my next post!

Much love


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Face primers review & the POREfessional by Benefit

Hellooo lovelies

I am here with a review on the Benefit Cosmetics face primer the POREfessional!
I got this as a sample in Sephora and I have never tried it before even if I always was tempted.


I didn't use any kind of primer since few years ago; I didn't know a lot about them and I didn't actually know their potential! Now I am SO into primers that I am craving all of them to find the one that will work best for me.
Starting from eye primers, to lip primers to face ones, we have a lot of primers in stores out there, so you can have fun trying to find the best one for you and your skin.
But let's get into the face ones today.. I haven't tried a lot of them, the only ones I have tried are the
L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream, the Sephora Smoothing Primer and now this one from Benefit, so let's compare them! :)

All these three have that silicone feeling on skin that works for minimizing the pores and making your skin look fab and very smooth. 

They are good primers but they have some downs:

L'oreal blur cream is a coloured one, so the thing I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't find my colour.. Unfortunately I have a pale skin and even the lightest shade didn't fit me cause it was too dark. No problem if you have a bit of a tan or you just go with medium to full foundation on top :) It lasts pretty well during the day and I really liked it!

Sephora Smoothing Primer is a transparent gel one, sooo silicone based but perfect for pore minimizing. It didn't last long on my skin, don't know if it was my skin at that time or what but it dried too much on me. I don't know if I will buy it again.

Benefit thePOREfessional is a slightly coloured one, it won't create any skin shade problem. Foundation will apply better after putting them and it lasts all day without retouching or any drying. I really loved the effect of this primer and I am going to buy it full size cause I thing is the best one I have tried for now and the price-quality ratio is pretty good! Also, it lasts so much cause you will need just a tiny teeeeny amount! :)

So, for my skin, Benefit one worked better and is the actual winner from the three for now! We'll see if some primer I will try in the future will beat it!

Just remember that primer is not a good thing for your skin. Is like pure silicone base that can block your pores and break your skin out. I recommend using the not on a daily basis but just for occasions or when you know you will need your make up to last longer. 
I would use long lasting products on a daily basis and go for primers for occasions or some special days. Silicone is not a friend of skin so just remember that investing in a pore minimizing cream is more important than investing in a primer, buuuuut we all know that sometimes primer magic is the best thing we can have on a special day/night! :) Also, there are a lot of primers out there and I am so intrigued by the Too Faced face one and the SMASHBOX one which doesn't have all that silicone feel but make your make up last all day! We'll see, I will keep you update! :)

Do you use face primer? What are your favourites? 
Do you wear them everyday or just ny now and then? 
Let me know in the comments, I always appreciate when you write something down here! 

Hope you have a great weekend and I will see you on my next post!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Quick & easy summer snack :)

Good morning

Hope you're doing well! I posted a pic of some heathly and yummy treats on instagram and I thought I would share the super easy recipe with you as I enjoyed them so much!

Things you need are:

  • Fruit of your choice 
  • Yogurt 
  • Some muffin silicone baking cups


All I did was put a generous spoon of yogurt in the cup  
(I used plain greek one, but you can use whatever you want even flavoured ones! It's totally up to you, you can have loads of fun with the combinations :)) 
then chop fruits in small pieces 
(I used bananas and cherries cause I only had that fruit at that time but I will surely try them with raspberries and blueberries!) and put them in the cup pressing them a little bit inside the yogurt. 
Then put the cups in the freezer! 

After less than 15 mins I put them out the mould and just enjoed them!
You can also put a stick in them before putting them in the freezer so you will end up having that fun lollipop shape!

So here it is! Told you it was super easy! :)
I really hope you enjoyed it and if you recreate this,
 let me know how you like it and which combination you like the most!

Have a lovely Sunday!

See you sooooon

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

May favourites & Daily make up

Hello everyone!

June has arrived and here's already summer! The weather is bloody hot out there and I am just at home, safe, with a big glass of extra cool pink lemonade! 
So yay, let's get into my May favs! :)

First thing I have been using again is my beloved Illamasqua cream blusher in Laid, which is a pretty hot pink-mauvy shade. This feels like you have nothing on the skin so it's great to use even if it's hot outside and you don't really want creamy things on. I just dab a little bit of it on and then blend and set it with some powder and it's done! I think it stays on better than the powdery ones during these hot days, maybe cause it's a lot pigmented. But here it is!

I have never been an highlighters fan since less than a year ago! Now I am obsessed with contouring, bronzers and highlighters. I do have a NARS one which I don't like (at least not for a day wearing) cause it's a lot shimmery and glittery, but since I have this one, my opinions about highlighters has completely changed. This one here is from the brand Essence and it was the limited edition for the Cinderella movie. Look at the packaging: it's bloody gorgeous! These little roses are so lovely!
The colour is amazing, just a great pink toned shade which is perfect for day time!
It just gives you the perfect amount of light to glow in the sun! Luv eet!

Theeeeen, foundation wise! I have been loooooving (after hating it during winter) the L'oreal Nude Magique eau de teint foundation in 102 pure ivory! First of all, the shade is perfect now that I have a tiny teeeeeny bit of colour on, second thing is that now that is summer the formulation of a liquid (almost watery) foundation that sets like a powder is perfect and stays on all day without any additional powder! I have been hating it during winter cause of my super dry skin but now that is summer and I have a normal to dry skin, it's perfect cause it doesn't dry that much on me but it sets well! And, also, feels like a second skin! Only down is that the coverage is not full but it's a pretty buildable medium coverage that goes well with a bit of concealer! :)

Then how could I not mention the thing I have been using the most during this month?!
Here it is: the Natural Eyes palette by my beloved Too Faced!
I don't use anything else.. I just have everything I need for a day and night natural look!
The pigmentation is amazing and I feel like I don't need other palettes as it also has colours that suit well my eyebrows! I even picked it up on the trip I did on my birthday and it didn't let me miss anything! :) Just a precious little palette! You NEED it, trust me! :)
(p.s. if you want close ups and swatches of this palette, just leave me a comment and I will happily do it!)

Fav lipglosses are these two! First one is from Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the shade Afternoon Tea. It's a lovely baby pink with an amaaaazing pigmentation and a strawberries smell! I genuinely love the whole range and I can't wait to buy more shades! Just can't wait to buy some reds and darker ones!

second one is a sample I got at the Sephora Lips Party I attended in May for the launch of these Ultra Shine Lip Gel! The formulation is so so good, it leaves a nice hint of colour and, thing I like the most, it's super moisturizing! I def need to buy more colours!

 The nail polish shade I have been non-stop wearing during May is this one from KIKO in number 372! I loove this colour so much, it's perfect even for school, it's like a lovely pink-nude that will instantly make your hands and nail look better! It's the second one I buy and I don't think I have ever finished a nail polish in my life so it says everything! 

 So these were my fav and I will leave you with a pic of what I use everyday for my daily natural make up! These are my essentials when I am on a rush in the morning! 

Better Than Sex Mascara
Natural Eyes Palette 
Essence eye pencil in Chocolate Brown
Eau de teint foundation by L'oreal
Essence Cinderella collection blusher
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in 01 fair
Tanya Burr lipgloss in Afternoon Tea      

What have you been loving this month? What are the items you can't skip in the morning?
Hope you're having a great day and I will see you on my next post!

Loads of kisses


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