Sunday, June 28, 2015

W7 make up haul & review

Hello lovelies

Here I am today with a haul/review on some stuff that W7 has kindly sent me!
Here's the bunch of things; I got:
  • The argan oil lip balm
  • The Thick em up mascara
  • The king kohl eye pencil in black
  • The camouflage concealer kit
  • The in the mood palette
Let's start with the review of every single item :)

Let's start with the thing I was more excited to try and actually the thing I loved the most: in the mood palette!
I heard so many things about it and I am so happy I had the chance to try it!


The palette has 6 eyeshadows, all in natural/nude colours, one shimmer and the other ones matte.
As you may notice is the perfect dupe for the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. 
I compared them down here and I must day that they are pretty the same. W7 shadows are so pigmented, they last pretty well and colours are vibrant just like the UD ones. 
UD ones are, of course, more buttery and easy to blend and they last a bit longer but, for the price, W7 ones are really amazing! I recommend you to buy this as it's a great palette and would be a perfect item to travel with!

(right swaches are w7's and left are UD's)

Then let's talk about the camouflage kit.. As a camouflage kit I was expecting a great coveage but I was, unfortunately, wrong. The palette has 5 shades of creamy concealers; some of them are peachy (under eyes circles) and others are more beige (face) but the problem is not just the fact that they don't match my pale skin, but the fact that they don't cover at all :(
I have tried them many times but they just give a bit of colour but actually nothing in terms of coverage. I am so sad cause it would have been great to have a palette like this with a great amout of shades just in one place. Unfortunately I do not recommend this to you! Meh :(

 The it's the argan oil lip balm! It's a normal lip balm, packed like a lipstick!
It's of course transparent but I am actually surprised about it! I thought it would have done nothing to my super dry lips but I actually liked it and I am using it a lot! It probably doesn't have the greatest inci but it does the job and I am difficult to please when it comes to lip balms. It's not the best but, I mean, if you want to try a different lip balm, this is quite nice. And it smells lovely.


Other thing I liked is the eye pencil. It reminds me of the UD ones in the packaging but UD ones are more creamy and soft, this one is more "dry" but stays on pretty well, it's carbon black so I liked it! I didn't use it in the waterline and I don't think it would be great used there but it lasted pretty nice on the lid! Again, it's so so so cheap so.. nice for that! :)

Last one is probably the thing that disappointed me the most cause I was expecting a lot from this but actually is the thing I would less recommend :( It's not the mascara itself, the formula it's a but liquidy but It's a great black and dries well..the problem is the applicator. It's pure p l a s t i c; rigid one! It's awful and as it's so rigid it tends to stain the lid :( So I don't recommend it! I head great thing about the others w7 mascaras like the Bunny Lash but this.. just no. :( 


Hope this review was helpful! Have you ever tried something from W7? I am so impressed by the palette and I can't wait to try the other ones as they seem cool dupes! Let me know if you have these and what you like from the brand so I can check em out!

See you on my next post!
love you!


  1. I find that after a while the W7 eyeliner turns grey throughout the day so I switched to Collection! Those eyeshadows look nice though x

  2. Love W7's products! The eyeshadows look like such a nice and cheap alternative to the Naked Basics :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x