Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Summer, coming back home, anxiety & September favourites

Hello everybody!

I know I have almost disappeared but life always seems to be busy and troubled to me that I found my self at night thinking how the hell passed all this amount of time and where I was while it passed! Anyway.. How was your summer? Did you have great time? :) 
My summer actually started late around the middle of august, I went to the sea and mountains, but the weather was so cold I spent lot of time in the city. But of course I loved sea and I spent the whole day on the beach when I had the chance! 

I looove sea! I know a lot of people do, but I love it soo much, even when the weather is cold, especially in the evening.. I'd love to live in a city by the sea. I think sea is a "happy place"..I could totally imagine me being happy on the beach, with cold weather, wrapped in a blanket, with music on watching the sunset or reading a book. Aww yeah. 

One of the things I enjoyed the most was reading.. I spent a lot of time reading and of course - as here the movie will be out on september - I have read for the second time "the fault in our stars". How lovely and sad and struggling is this book? Gosh.. I can't wait to go seeing it at the cinema in few days! I'm so curious. I just totally know that I have to bring a family pack of kleenex with me tho. Ewh. 

As I had few days off this year, I'm just back home. And I feel bad. I have to study, being concentrate on things, try to have control of my life and also panick attaks and anxiety went back haunting my days and nights. Hate it. I totally tought I had leave them somewhere on the road but no, they were just in my room, waiting for me. So, I have to deal with them trying to live my life again.. Great! I'm also nostalgic, I want these days back, I want to be in the places I have been, I want to stop the time and be with the people I want to be with and with the people I met that I probably wont see for god knows how many years. :( 
But I'm not here to make you sad, soo I'm going to change the topic and talk about the things I have been enjoying or buying these days. :)

First thing first (I am so faaaaancyyy) ahahah no, just.. First thing I loved was a present from my mum and is a dress! With PUGS! O my god, I loooove it. I'm obsessed with this dress and I can't thank my mum enough for buying me that!
 Isn't it loooovely? 

It's just a simple tunic dress but look how cute the pug print is! In love. 

I can now go on the beauty and beauty related side.. As I am stupid I forgot to bring with me a good mosturizer in my makeup bag for summer. Just cause I tend to have very dry skin in the summer cause of the sun maybe, I need a more intense mosturizer. But, I started using again something I used before but dunno why I stopped using changing it with other cleansing liquid soap; that is the Dove cream bar, which I forgot I loved. It has a quarter of mosturizing cream and you can feel the difference just after the first time! I am now obsessed with it and its now in my bath must haves forever ahaha combinated with my bio nike opthydra mosturizer is so so great and my skin thanks! :) ..and its also so cheap that you cant have excuses! Just try it. 

Another thing I have been using almost EVERY day is my the body shop BB cream; I have write of it in my last post and put it in my favourites and I have to confirm that as I used it during the whole summer. It has of course a light coverage but I found it perfect for summer when you dont want to cover everything up but just uniform your skin and let it appear healthier! (I also had to buy the n2 one cause of the "tan" I have and it was perfect! Can't wait to buy more and also want to try the all-in-one.. Have you ever tried it? Is it good? Let me know in the comment if you have! :))

Then I have been enjoying these pores cleansing strips that I bought in a store called Bottega Verde

As I love the essence ones but cannot find them, I bought these ones and I quite liked them. Not that great but not so bad, and they are cheaper than the Nivea ones, so.. I am giving them a go and they work well for now. 

Last but not least is a hair related product! 
My auntie let me try it and now I am quite obsessed! It's a hair treatment with maroccon argan oil by Avon and has to be used heat. You basically use it both with wet hair and dry hair and it gives shine and nutrition back! It's great! I am using the second one, it comes with a pack of four but you can use the 15ml of each one many times like applying that only on the ends. I use it with wet hair, wrapping it with a towel and then blowdrying. My hair was so so dry on the ends and now they're "alive" again! :)) (I am also using the sunsilk shampoo and conditioner with argan oil and I think argan oil is totally a saver!)

So that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post and missed me somehow. :) 
How was your summer? Did you get tanned? Which products have you been using during summer and sunny days? Let me know in the comment and of course we will see on the next post. 

Love you all readers.

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