Wednesday, June 18, 2014

50 facts about me

Hello everybody!

1- Mary is my real name, even if I’m italian, my actual name is  m a r y, deal with it, it’s not a nickname.
2- I love dogs and I have one which is my second dog ever as I had one when I was very little but she died when I was 3.
3- When I like a song I play it repeatedly (I could listen to it for hrs and hrs) till I get sick or find a new fav one.
4- I’m afraid of crickets and grasshoppers. I know it’s stupid, but here it is.
5- I have sort of a phobia of vom.
6- I am short - 5'3"
7- I moved so many times in my life and it was hard making friends everytime, but it went well.
8- I love smelling books, both old and new.
9- I am very fast in packing; I think I’m just used to it, so it’s easier for me.
10- I am an organized person (not a maniac) but when my room is okay, then I feel suddenly better.
11- I have never met some of my cousins ‘cause they live in Argentina, but I absolutely love them and hope to meet them one day.
12- I love travelling. If I could, I’d pack now and go wherever my heart wants.
13- I love drawing and painting and when I was in middle school, at the age of 10, I won the first place cup with a painting for a birds protection’s association.
14- I usually don’t like my birthday. I don’t know why but it always makes me a bit melancholic.
15- My fav seasons are autumn and winter. Even if I’m such a nesh person, my fav landscapes are the ones in these seasons. I could better immagine me with a cozy coat and scarf instead of a bikini.
16- I have an obsession with blue. It’s my fav colour, in every grade, especially deep navy blue and aquamarine.
17- I prefer the silence instead of crowded places with messy people. (Unless it’s a gig, then I prefer a gig!)
18- I am afraid of changing my hair. Always want to do something, but never do. When I was little and also when I was 17 I cut my hair short and I absolutely hated it, so I have never ever done it again. I’d like to, but I am kinda afraid sooo God knows if I’ll ever do it again. Haha
19- I have pale skin and I never tan, I think it’s more like changing a bit the colour of my skin.
20- I love music and I play piano and guitar since I was 8. I’d like to play everything..every instrument fascinates me.
21- I love sea. I could spend days near the sea, watching the waves, listening to music and writing. I also love it more when is not summer.
22- I love Tim Burton’s movies and drawings and I ALWAYS cry during some of his movies, even if I know them by heart.
23- I have an unconditional love for Johnny Depp.
24- I love anchors.
25- I like pastel colours and my room is totally mint and white.
26- I love photography; I’d take a picture of everything.
27- I go on skate and almost broke my knees once. Ops.
28- I have tiny tiny wrists, hands and feet. Which is not that good when bracelets, rings or shoes are always bigger for me, but it’s also great when I can buy shoes at half prices in the kids section. Haha
29- My fav time of the year is Christmas time! I think everything is magic in Christmas time and also people are happier. I can see more smiles out.
30- I have a little birthmark on my right arm.
31- I have an addiction to candles. Especially Yankee Candles.
32- I love writing; I always write something when I am inspired and I hope to write a book one day.
33- I had a crush on a guy so much that I don’t even had the courage of saying “hi” to him even If I knew him. I’m idiot, I know.
34- I love swimming and sea, but I am a bit afraid of deep water since my dad left my hand in the deep water when I was a child and totally drowned.
35- I am such a pluviophile; I totally L O V E rain. Well, I know is not great and it pisses me off too sometimes when I have to go out but it calms me out a lot and I love it’s sound.
36- I have that strange feeling of not being enough but I also wouldn’t change me for anyone else.
37- I have an obsession with foxes! I wish I could cuddle one.
38- I love hugs. I think people can comunicate a lot through their arms.
39- I don’t like candies. I could totally live without them.
40- I prefer dark chocolate and I hate the white one.
41- Salmon and avocado are my fav food.
42- I’d like to plan, design and let build my own house in which I could live for the rest of my days.
43- I had a personal diary since I was 8 and since 2010 I share one with one of my best friends.
44- Someone stole me a phone when I was 15 and few months ago an iPod. I still hope they’re dead now. Haha
45- I have a scar on a finger and I don’t know how I made it.
46- I am addicted to tea.
47- My fav part of the day is night.
48- I have fun making short nonsense videos with my little articulated wood man.
49- I like cooking and baking.
50- I love fancing.

So here’s my 50 facts about me post! Hope you enjoyed it. 



  1. I'm do with you on the smell of old and new books I don't know what it is that I like about them but I love it! I've recently just followed you and can't wait to see more post from you in the future

    1. I don't know why I can't follow you :( it says "unable to connect"

  2. Thank you so much dear! Lovely from you x And yeah, I don't know what it is but I just simply love that smell too! :D x can't wait to see from you too!

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