Monday, June 16, 2014

Feeling poorly on a rainy day

Hey there!

Today was a very very shitty day. It's june and it's supposed to be summer but no, it's not. It's been raining for days; even now that I'm here, writing tis post.

 And as the bad things never come alone, I'm feeling so poorly. I spent part of the day lying in my bed or sofa cause I needed some rest (which I didn't have 'cause I couldn't sleep 'cause of the terrible sound of the thunders.. Yes, I am so scared about 'em. Ops.) and I decided to have a hot cup of tea and watch a movie! 

Thumbelina!! - I used to be addicted to this movie and just thought if would be nice rewatching this; so it was! - I'm still singing the songs who'll surely be stuck in my mind for the next days haha. 
I love this movie so much! 
I also lighted up one of my scented candles which was kinda perfect, considering the weather: November Rain wax tart by Yankee Candle! - One of my favourite brands. Feeling poorly is so annoying I want to run out of my body, but in the end I really enjoyed some time for myself just laying down and watch a movie :) 

So I'll probably could say something to you: even if the things are not going right or you're not good or the weather is not or you just miss someone .. Please, don't be sad and stuck your soul into a depressing mood! Just take time for yourselves and do more of what you like - 'cause you deserve it! x


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