Saturday, June 28, 2014

Limited edition karkadè and editing pictures:

Hello everyone! 

It's been a while since my last post, but these day's are such messy days you can't imagine! I had exams and loads of things to do, BUT here I am with another post, yay! :) 
First of all, I wanna thank all the sweet subscribers, you're lovely and hope you will be more and more! :) 
Today it was a mix of a boring and busy day! I woke up soo late (shame on me eww) cause yesterday I had to be the photographer of an event which ended at 3am basically - I was so tired I felt asleep in two seconds. Had breakfast with a greek kind of yogurt with some blueberries, goji berries and granola - yummy yummy!

Late in the day I had to edit aaaall the amount of pictures I took at the event and it actually stole me the day..

Finally a break time! I had a shower and read a magazine - COSMOPOLITAN - making plans, writing and drinking the new limited edition estathè in karkadè flavour which I highly recommend 'cause it tastes so good and karkadè flowers are sooooo so good for our body!

I am now at my friend's house, watching tv and basically chilling.. 
Hope you're having a greeeeaaat weekend, let me know in the comments how you spend your saturdays?! :)

P.S. I have a review for you in few days, just testing the new Colgate White Optic toothpaste! 

Loads of kisses. See you soon! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3 items on a wish list + Excel Clothing

Hello lovelies ❤️

I'm here to introduce you to Excel Clothing website; a website I've just discovered and that I already love it 'cause it has so many big brands I love! 
So I decided to make the three items I'd like to put in my wish list from the site and here you are:

  • First item:

This beautiful dress I felt in ove with is from Ted Baker, it's a really pretty mint-green dress (I'm so obsessed with mintgreen!) which I think would be great for this season to go to a summer party or maybe also to go shopping with some sandals on the feet. I'd probably wear it with a blazer on when the summer days are gone and the weather gets colder.

  • Second Item:

The second item is probably the one I like the most, 'cause it's one of the items on the top of my personal "things-I-want-in-my-life" list. It's a watch, it's rose gold (my fav shade of gold) and, of course, is signed by Micheal Kors
No more words need to be spoken: I simply LOVE IT!

  • Third Item:

As I could wear this items together, I found a clutch that I think works so good with the dress and the watch. It's the Ted Baker rose gold clutch bag; just lovely!

So here they are, the 3 items I put on my Excel Clothing wish list! Go check out the site and let me know in the comment if you like this kind of posts, if you liked the three items I picked up and maybe which items would you choose!


50 facts about me

Hello everybody!

1- Mary is my real name, even if I’m italian, my actual name is  m a r y, deal with it, it’s not a nickname.
2- I love dogs and I have one which is my second dog ever as I had one when I was very little but she died when I was 3.
3- When I like a song I play it repeatedly (I could listen to it for hrs and hrs) till I get sick or find a new fav one.
4- I’m afraid of crickets and grasshoppers. I know it’s stupid, but here it is.
5- I have sort of a phobia of vom.
6- I am short - 5'3"
7- I moved so many times in my life and it was hard making friends everytime, but it went well.
8- I love smelling books, both old and new.
9- I am very fast in packing; I think I’m just used to it, so it’s easier for me.
10- I am an organized person (not a maniac) but when my room is okay, then I feel suddenly better.
11- I have never met some of my cousins ‘cause they live in Argentina, but I absolutely love them and hope to meet them one day.
12- I love travelling. If I could, I’d pack now and go wherever my heart wants.
13- I love drawing and painting and when I was in middle school, at the age of 10, I won the first place cup with a painting for a birds protection’s association.
14- I usually don’t like my birthday. I don’t know why but it always makes me a bit melancholic.
15- My fav seasons are autumn and winter. Even if I’m such a nesh person, my fav landscapes are the ones in these seasons. I could better immagine me with a cozy coat and scarf instead of a bikini.
16- I have an obsession with blue. It’s my fav colour, in every grade, especially deep navy blue and aquamarine.
17- I prefer the silence instead of crowded places with messy people. (Unless it’s a gig, then I prefer a gig!)
18- I am afraid of changing my hair. Always want to do something, but never do. When I was little and also when I was 17 I cut my hair short and I absolutely hated it, so I have never ever done it again. I’d like to, but I am kinda afraid sooo God knows if I’ll ever do it again. Haha
19- I have pale skin and I never tan, I think it’s more like changing a bit the colour of my skin.
20- I love music and I play piano and guitar since I was 8. I’d like to play everything..every instrument fascinates me.
21- I love sea. I could spend days near the sea, watching the waves, listening to music and writing. I also love it more when is not summer.
22- I love Tim Burton’s movies and drawings and I ALWAYS cry during some of his movies, even if I know them by heart.
23- I have an unconditional love for Johnny Depp.
24- I love anchors.
25- I like pastel colours and my room is totally mint and white.
26- I love photography; I’d take a picture of everything.
27- I go on skate and almost broke my knees once. Ops.
28- I have tiny tiny wrists, hands and feet. Which is not that good when bracelets, rings or shoes are always bigger for me, but it’s also great when I can buy shoes at half prices in the kids section. Haha
29- My fav time of the year is Christmas time! I think everything is magic in Christmas time and also people are happier. I can see more smiles out.
30- I have a little birthmark on my right arm.
31- I have an addiction to candles. Especially Yankee Candles.
32- I love writing; I always write something when I am inspired and I hope to write a book one day.
33- I had a crush on a guy so much that I don’t even had the courage of saying “hi” to him even If I knew him. I’m idiot, I know.
34- I love swimming and sea, but I am a bit afraid of deep water since my dad left my hand in the deep water when I was a child and totally drowned.
35- I am such a pluviophile; I totally L O V E rain. Well, I know is not great and it pisses me off too sometimes when I have to go out but it calms me out a lot and I love it’s sound.
36- I have that strange feeling of not being enough but I also wouldn’t change me for anyone else.
37- I have an obsession with foxes! I wish I could cuddle one.
38- I love hugs. I think people can comunicate a lot through their arms.
39- I don’t like candies. I could totally live without them.
40- I prefer dark chocolate and I hate the white one.
41- Salmon and avocado are my fav food.
42- I’d like to plan, design and let build my own house in which I could live for the rest of my days.
43- I had a personal diary since I was 8 and since 2010 I share one with one of my best friends.
44- Someone stole me a phone when I was 15 and few months ago an iPod. I still hope they’re dead now. Haha
45- I have a scar on a finger and I don’t know how I made it.
46- I am addicted to tea.
47- My fav part of the day is night.
48- I have fun making short nonsense videos with my little articulated wood man.
49- I like cooking and baking.
50- I love fancing.

So here’s my 50 facts about me post! Hope you enjoyed it. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Feeling poorly on a rainy day

Hey there!

Today was a very very shitty day. It's june and it's supposed to be summer but no, it's not. It's been raining for days; even now that I'm here, writing tis post.

 And as the bad things never come alone, I'm feeling so poorly. I spent part of the day lying in my bed or sofa cause I needed some rest (which I didn't have 'cause I couldn't sleep 'cause of the terrible sound of the thunders.. Yes, I am so scared about 'em. Ops.) and I decided to have a hot cup of tea and watch a movie! 

Thumbelina!! - I used to be addicted to this movie and just thought if would be nice rewatching this; so it was! - I'm still singing the songs who'll surely be stuck in my mind for the next days haha. 
I love this movie so much! 
I also lighted up one of my scented candles which was kinda perfect, considering the weather: November Rain wax tart by Yankee Candle! - One of my favourite brands. Feeling poorly is so annoying I want to run out of my body, but in the end I really enjoyed some time for myself just laying down and watch a movie :) 

So I'll probably could say something to you: even if the things are not going right or you're not good or the weather is not or you just miss someone .. Please, don't be sad and stuck your soul into a depressing mood! Just take time for yourselves and do more of what you like - 'cause you deserve it! x

New blog design

Hello everybody! 

 I've just finished customizing my blog and I really like how it ended up to be, considering that I'm not that good in these thing hehe

It's late in the night and I'm sooo tired (it's been a very tiring/boring rainy day unfortunately) but I kinda like to stay here and just write to maybe some of you who'll be reading this! It's weird, like having a diary, but public. Anyway, I'm here to say that I'm happy for this blog and can't wait to write more and have more time :) 

I hope you have a great night and sweet dreams.