Monday, June 22, 2015

JCat beauty Liptitude 24/7

Good afternoon lovelies

Here I am with a review + swatches on the new lip products by the brand Jcat! They have came out with a new product range called Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating lip stains that covers a good variety of shades from nudes, to hot pinks, to orange to dark reds and that is made to be pulled off with attitude!

The colours are SO bright, application is amazingly even and pigmentation is incredible.
Thet do have a minty scent which is not great if you don't like minty scents but, of course, it will go away from your lips once dried. The finish is pretty lucid, you just need a tiiiny bit to cover your entire lips and they stay pretty hydrating on the lips so you will not feel them dry once is up.
They last on me pretty well, something from 4 (the nudes) to 5 hours (the other ones). They stain your lips a bit so you will need a waterproof/stronger make up remover to gently take the colour off your lips. Their price is ridiculously small and you get A LOT of product! Inside the applicator is like the one of a lipgloss and the thick formula makes it easy to apply even with the same applicator.
I basically love them and I think their colours are great for this season! :)

Here are the swatches on my lips ( don't mind my face in these hahah lolz) 
so you can get the idea of the actual colour on the lips :)

Colours shown:
110 [pale beige nude]
109 [pale pinky nude]
102 [bright orange]
105 [hot corally pink]
104 [true red]

I really hope you like this post and that I helped you in some way! If you was thinking of buying them then just go for it, they are really great items to have in your collection and they also are great for making ombre lips or lips art as they're like acrilic on the lips! :)

I wish you a lovely day and I will see you soon on my next post!

Much love


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