Monday, April 13, 2015

My fav dry shampoo

Hello lovelies!

How are you? Hope you're doing well! After the busy Easter break, I am here with an updating post and a little review! :)

I spent my Easter in the south and I had so much fun with my friends and family; I did also eat loads of chocolate! #sorrynotsorrytho
And as I didn't have so much time to wash my hair every two days as I would, I discovered - finally - a dry shampoo that actually satisfied me!

I always didn't like at all the idea of a dry shampoo and when I tried a Garnier one years ago I decided that I hated it as a product! It took me a while to try a new one and now I can say that I am so happy I found a perfect one for me! 

There's a thing that I hate the most of two-days-washed hair and that is having zero volume on the top and on the side fringe.. It totally irritates me and I would usually go for a wash but we all know that there are those really busy days where we don't want to to anything but we also want freshly looking hair, well this is the time where a dry shampoo would really make the difference!
The one that I am loving at the moment is the Batist Dry Shampoo which promise (and maintens actually) a great volume and clean looking hair.. I adore it, it gives me just the right volume I need, it also helps giving texture to the hair and the fact that doesn't really have a smell is amazing for me cause I don't like those strong flavoured ones. 
You just spry it where you need at a 20cm distance from the hair, leave it for about two minutes, stroke the hair with a dry towel, then brush down everything and you're done! 

I really like it and I feel I won't change it by now. Do you use dry shampoo? What are your fav ones? Leave me a comment down below so I could probably try a new one! 

Hope you have a lovely night! 

Se you on the next post!


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