Friday, July 10, 2015

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Review & Swatches

Hello lovelies!

The title speaks for itself.. I am so so excited to share with you the palette I have been loving on and on recently: the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette by Too Faced!

Packaging is so adorable! It's a chocolate bar outside and also inside as it smells like heaven! Something betweet chocolate and vanilla! I just can't stop smelling it everytime I use it!
You get 16 eyeshadows and a huge mirror in a metal packaging (so handy and great even for travelling) and you will have every colour you will need if you're a fan of browns and goldish shades but you also get some colours, glitters and basics matte shades like a black and a white!
I think that this palette covers all my needs as I use a lot of browns and neutrals shades! It has both matte, frosty and shimmery shades and, of course, the quality is the best; they feel like butter on skin, super blendable and long lasting (I've proved them even without a primer and they last very well!!)
Here's a picture of what the eyeshadows look like!

Swatches from left to right: 
rum raisin - mousse - caramel - bon bon - butter pecan - frosting - peanut butter
Second arm swatches from left to right:
blueberry swirl - puddin' - pink sugar - cocoa chilli - hot fudge - truffled - nougat
coconut cream - licorice

Now let's talk about every shade individually:

  •  Rum Raisin: frosty medium brown, cool based with a hint of silver in it
  • Mousse: matte light brown perfect as a transition shade
  • Caramel: amazing frost caramel shade, it speaks for it self it's just a true caramel goldish shade
  • Bon Bon: is a beautiful frost bronze/coppery shade, warm and perfect to make blue eyes pop
  • Butter Pecan: pearlescent yellowy cream, great for highlighting
  • Frosting: frost medium brown with a hint of gold and warm based
  • Peanut Butter: amazing matte super warm brown, great to warm up smokey eyes or as a transition shade. Almost rust. 
  • Blueberry Swirl: frosty blue with small blue glitters, really buildable so you have to dab it and work it well to get that pure blue colour
  • Puddin': matte dark and cool toned brown
  • Pink Sugar: is a topper! I love this colour, I know a lot of people hate it cause "it doesn't work, you can't see the pink" and on and on.. but people don't get that it is an amazing shimmery topping for other eyeshadows and it's amazing! It's a light pink with amazing gold, violet and pink glitters! I love it and pictures don't give it justice.. it also reminds me of the new NARS Christopher Kane's collection' eyeshadow in outer limits. I'm going to show you a closer pic of Pink Sugar so you can get the idea of the colour itself.

  • Cocoa chili: dark brown with gold glitters! Really great for night time
  • Hot Fudge: frost, dark brown, cool toned. Almost like puddin' but a bit darker and of course, frost
  • Truffled: matte chocolate brown
  • Nougat: matte dark pink, cool toned, great for shadings
  • Coconut Crème: matte butter white
  • Licorice: matte black
And that's it! I think I have never loved a palette more than this and I highly highly recommend it!!
It's going to be released in UK in July 15th and Italy on Aug 17th!
Go to the Too Faced stand and try it, at least sniff it; I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

I hope you liked the review and hope you have a great day!
See you soon and love you all!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! Love nougat & rum raisin! Such a beautiful palette :)

    xx Elise

  2. Great post!Love your blog,it's very pretty!
    xoxo antonella