Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's the point? #NoMoreHate

As you can see from the title I am here to talk about an important topic cause not only I have been into it but cause a lot of people get free hate everyday and I just can't accept it. I use to say "be kind one to another" all the times but people just seem to love hate, be mean and wreck people's day, which sometimes can turn into wreck people's life. That's the strong power of words. I don't get that, I don't see the point in giving free hate. If you don't like someone then bugger off, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't speak at all. What's the point in being rude and mean? At least, what is the point in being like that hidden behind a nickname? We keep forgetting that we are all human, we all have feelings and to be nice one to another is a thing that could help a lot of lives. You will never know what someone is struggling for and most of the times you will never know, so just try to be gentle, be kind and be respectful. Life is beautiful only if we can live it the right way. Getting hate is never a great experience; and by getting hate I don't mean getting constructive comments (of course people can disagree with you in something or don't like something or help you getting other points of view) but just mean, pointless and awful comments like "I hate you", "bitch", "you don't have your own soul", "you're just copying her", "get a life", "kill yourself", "ugly", "be you" and so on. Comments based on nothing, posts based on mean thoughts that are not true at all directed to a person that they don't even know. Judging, lying and hate are the things that annoy me the most. You can't judge people for a phrase, a picture, a name, a skin colour, a culture.. You simply can't. There's a big whole world behind everyone and no one will probably see it all. Everyone has their own battle to fight, their insecurities, diseases, fears, points of view and you can't pretend to know someone just looking at the cover of the book of their lives. I don't want to be specific with all the hate I get sometimes and why, buta lot of you may know it and I tried to explain my point of view so many times that I am just sick of having to justify the fact of being myself. It's like that it happens that you look a bit like a well know person then you can be you only by liking different things or you can't do anything without getting "copycat" comments in literally everything. I mean, a lot of people, for example, wear hair in a bun but if it's up to me then no, I am just copying someone. Sometimes I feel like I can't buy something I genuinely like or post a picture of myself because mean people will start saying that I am pretending to be someone else and copying everything and that I have to get a life. This IS my life. This IS me, all the times. People don't realize that I couldn't be anyone but myself, that there's no point in copying as I am trying so hard to put me in everything but sometimes is so hard to let people see what's inside the book and not just the cover that can be mispelled by people. There are moments that everything is just too much and you just want to give up on everything but no, don't do it, be strong and keep pushing. I won't stop myself doing what I want to do or liking what I like or wear what I want to wear just because people don't know anything about me and will comment things being just mean. I try my best to ignore bad words cause I can't change the way some people think, but I just don't like it. Who would like that? If we can just spend a minute thinking about that before leaving a comment or judge people, it would probably help in not doing it. If you find a point in hate please tell me cause I can't find it! Hate less, love more. Is nice being nice, it's good making people smile but it's awful making people upset. Share more love and the world could be a different place. And to all of you that get hate, no matter if once or everyday, just be strong, react, smile, mentally block those mean people, do what makes you happy and just don't care about anything else but being happy with what you are. 
You are beautiful and precious the way you are, let no hate destroy you! 

I love you. 

With love,

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