Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Fav Autumn/Fall Lipsticks [Lip Swatches]

Hello lovelies! 

As you can see from the title, I decided to share with you what are my favourite lipsticks for fall/autumn as I am so in love with this season I need to share everything about it! hehe

As you can tell, I couldn't choose just two or three haha but that's fine cause at least you can see a variety of colors and shades and decide which one is you favourite or what would be your choice o wear. 

So from top to down (on the arm swatches) we have:

  • Rimmel Kate Moss 111 
  • Rimmel Kate Moss 107
  • NYX medusa
  • NABLA domina
  • TOPSHOP lip bullet in More Than A Woman
  • KIKO smart lipstick in 914
  • MAC mehr
  • Essence 06 Barely There

First one I have here is the Essence in 06 - Barely There
It's a perfect everyday mauve shade, perfect Pantone - marsala colour. It is very moisturizing and feels like you're putting on lip balm: as it's like that, it doesn't last very long but, again, it's fine cause reapplying it is so easy.

Second one on the "nudes/everyday shades" side, is on of my favourite mac lipsticks which is mehr
I don't have a lot to say, it's is matte but doesn't dry my lips, it is the perfect my lips but better colour, lasts ages even when eating/drinking and it is just perfect for an everyday simple look and also for darks and intense smoky eyes looks. 

Let's jump straight into the darks and intense colours which are my favourite!
This one here is NYX medusa, it is really purple, it is shiny so that means it is moisturizing but doesn't set on the lips all day, it is a bit metallic but I think it's a great colour for this season if you want your lips to really stand out.

Here we have KIKO 914 smart lipstick; moisturizing but long lasting (it won't resist a whole dinner but it lasts a really long time on me), the colour is full and it is the perfect dupe for MAC rebel
More on the cherry side but, again, great great easy to wear colour!

This one I get asked A LOT about and it's personally one of my top favourites!
It's the TOPSHOP lip bullet in More Than A Woman. I have been loving it ever since I first swatched it! Topshop beauty range is really good and I especially love the lipsticks, lasts a long time, it's is matte but doesn't dry on the lips and doesn't go into fine lines, the colour is even and full and it is basicallt autumn in a lipstick.

Really similar to the topshop one is the NABLA domina lipstick. Same things as the topshop one, it is really perfect: I love the colour, I love the formula, it is also vegan and cruelty free and lasts really long time even eating/drinking. Really moisturizing and it is buildable and gets darker and darker looking always even. The finish is semi-matt!

Last, but not least, we have the reds!
How I could not mention this one here? The Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 has been one of my fav lipsticks to wear since years. It is matte, lasts really long, the colour is amazing, it goes with every skin tone I believe, looks great with a lot of eye makeup looks, it is cheap and it's the perfect dark red/burgundy shade. Simply a MUST HAVE!

And for the Rimmel Kate Moss obsession we have the 111 which is a beautiful cool toned true red, matte, long lasting, the classic Taylor Swift red. You can't really feel it on the lips and the smell of the matte collection is so lovely too, it's like fruity. If you fancy a red lipstick and don't know which one to choose, just buy this one cause it is really good and cheap and it won't let you down for sure!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have one of these, what is your favourite and, please please, if you have your own fav shade write it down below so I  can check it out as I am constantly in search for new lipsticks and shades! 
Let's be bffs and swap tips about lipsticks and autumnal shades! :)

Hope you're having a lovely day and I will see you on my next post!

lots of love

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  1. You are so beautiful! I would really love to buy these! Like I said on Instagram, you are such a big inspiration for me and ilysm x
    Lots of love
    Ellie x