Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Autumn Makeup & Favs

Hello my lovelies

It is nearly autumn and I can smell it in the air so I'm pretending my fav season has already started!
 I just can't wait to see the city covered in brown leaves and wearing hats and scarves while outside the stores are putting fairylights outside and everywhere is all pumpkin spice lattes and smiles! :)

As I am getting into the autumnal spirit I have started wearing a lot of autumnal colours both on the clothes and on the makeup, so - along with a makeup look video - I decided to show you what I am enjoying the most in these days and what I am loving to put on almost everyday! x


  • As you may know, the foundation I am using a lot is the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I love it a lot, it has a great coverage, it's very light and my skin looks fresh and healthy almost all day whenever I put this on! I didn't think I would have put my beloved NARS sheer glow in a side but there it is, Too Faced conquered me!
  •  As I am pale as a ghost during fall, I am loving the Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer cause it is light but buildable, it smells of chocolate (yuuum) and it is in a perfect shade to warm up the yellowy-looking face!
  • For blusher I am really loving strong colours like this red. Yes, I said red and I never imagined myself wearing a colour like that but I tried it on and I felt in love! [Yes, you have to be careful unless you'll end up looking like Santa Claus :) haha]
  • Nail polishes: I am really loving both browns and light pinks and berry shades like these two by kiko which are the number 243 and 363.
  • The eyeshadow I am loving the most is this one by NABLA in Rust; it's an amazing and vibrant bronze shade that works really great with blue eyes as well. L O V E.
  • Lipsticks: the shades I am wearing and loving the most are the beloved Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 and NABLA domina lipstick. The 107 is more on the red side and Domina is more on the berry/purple side. Both really amazing, both matte and longlasting.
  • And last but not least, the mascara I am wearing all days is the They're Real by Benefit. I am back at it since months and reloved how builds up my lashes again, it's really amazing! Only down is that is SO hard to take it off at night (you will need oil based makeup removers)!

I'll leave you with the video on this makeup I am wearing the most, I hope you'll like it! 
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Hope you have a lovely and warm day!

See you on the next post!

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