Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spin for Perfect Skin | VP | Review

Hello everybody 

It's been a while, my messy life brought me away from the webbernet for a bit but now I am ready to start dedicationg more time to the things I love, again. 
I hope you're doing well and I hope you are excited as me for this season cause the most beautiful time of the year is so close!!

But why am I here today? To talk about my new best friend which is the Spin For Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet which was kindly sent to me for try and review and that has been my bff ever since it came in my mail box!

First of all let's see what it is. Spin for pefect skin is a cleansing and exfoliating brush battery powered system that cleanses and exfoliates to reveal radiant skin, removes bacteria to promote visibly clearer skin and reduces pore size so skin appears smoother and brighter. 
With the kit you have the brush and four attachment heads that are great for face and body.
This big one is the body brush, I love the fact that there's an actual brush specifically made for body so you can extend the benefit of a deep cleaning to your entire body. I use it combined with a light sugar scrub and it's perfect size for arms and legs. Don't need to say that my skin feels amazingly soft after that! The brush is made for dry and shower usage so you can easily use it under the shower or having a bath :)

Then we have the exfoliating face brush made of hygianic and quick-drying bristles that is great for gently exfoliate your skin once you have wipes you make up off and cleaned your face with the clensing brush (next picture) made of ultra-soft bristles that is great for sensitive skin; I use it to cleanse and also to apply moisturizer and it feels really great. These two combined make my skin breathe again and you can really tell the difference both in the appearance of the skin and in the make up application cause it gives you a smooth and radiant skin.

Last but not least I was surprised to see that there was a pumice stone head! This is great to remove calluses and dead skin from you elbows, knees and feet. Of course is not made for facial skin but I was glad to see that there was a pomice stone too in the set cause it really meand that, with this brush, you can clean you entire body.

With the brush at the moment I am using the Robert's Acqua alle Rose cleanser but you can use you favourite products to use with.
I honestly didn't expect it to be this good but I am 100% happy with it and I will use it everyday as my skin has changed in better! 

If you would like to try it too and make yourself or one of your friends a gift, I have a 
discount code for you; when you type 
at the checkout you will have a 70% off your brush and it will only cost you $30 instead of $100!
Such a great deal!

I hope you liked and enjoyed my review, let me know in the comments if you use this kind of brush and if you like it. Also let me know what cleansers and moisturizers you are using cause I am always looking for new ones to try!

Hope you have a cozy evening and see you on my next post!


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