Thursday, March 19, 2015

Greek Yogurt Tiramisù Recipe

Hello lovelies 

So the other day I posted a picture of the Tiramisù I always make when I want to make an effortless treat! This is a lighter recipe than the original but still so good! So let's get it started! :D

Ingredients (4-6 servings):

  • 6 tablespoons of coffee
  • 14 ladyfingers
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 8 ounces of nonfat plain greek kind of yogurt
  • 1 ounce of dark chocolate powder
  • 1 cup of oats


  • Put the cold coffee in a bowl.
  • Quickly dip half the ladyfingers in the coffee, turning to coat them but not so much that they get soggy.
  • Arrange in one layer over bottom of your pan.
  • Beat the yogurt with the honey and make it a smooth cream.
  • Spoon the yogurt mixture over the ladyfingers in the pan and smooth the top.
  • Sprinkle a bit of the chocolate powder over the top.
  • Dip the remaining ladyfingers in the coffee and arrange over the top creating layers.
  • Sprinkle remaining chocolate evenly over the top of the ladyfingers and put the oats on top.
  • Chill for four hours at least.
  • Eat! :)

It's super super easy but so good! You can make smaller servings or use the metod using other things like strawberries or even more chocolate as you want; it's up to you!
I really hope you enjoyed it, please tag me on my social media (you can find all the links on the top of the page! Come and say hi!) if you recreate this so I can see!
Hope you have a lovely day and I will see you on my next post! 


  1. Looks so delicious! I'm definitely going to try to make this.

    Nicole | Colour Illuminates

  2. this looks and sounds amazing! I love tiramisu so I'm definitely gonna try this lighter recipe! :) x

  3. So yummy!

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