Thursday, March 05, 2015

February Favourites ♡

Hello everyone! 

It's March! Don't even ask me HOW it is already March.. I have that feeling that yesterday was Christmas and now I can't tell it's March, but anyway Feb has been a buuusy month and I didn't get a lot but here are my Feb Favs! :)

First thing is a candle that my mom bought me at the supermarket, it's called Suddenly and it smells heavenly. It legit smells like Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel which I love! I was so surprised cause the smell is identical! So fresh and lovely 

As you could see I have been obsessed with skincare-stuff and one of the things I am obsessed with is the Garnier Roll-on caffeine. It's great to wake your eyes up in the morning and the metallic sphere on top is just heaven for under eyes. Putting it on is more fun than putting under eyes creams.

For make up remover I have been using this biphasic one by Yves Rocher; It's so gentle and removes any eye make up (also waterproof eyeliners or mascaras)! It's the king and you have to.. shake it off! 

Tart of the month has been the Shea Butter one! I basically burn this everytime I want to relax and make my room smell fresh and cleaned! Go sniff it at your local YC store! 

Dry lips always get me mad, but I found a cure and it's all natural and delicious! It's the Hurraw! lip balm in chai spice (if you love chai then go grab it and you will want to eat it all! haha) but there are many and many flavours! You can find these at American Apparel for around £5/6 eur! 
And for bath, I have been looooving Stvdio 5 brand! Their things are just amazing!
This bath truffle and the rose soap smell like heaven to me, I just can't wait to have a long bath with their lovely and 100% natural bath bombs! Go check them out on their site 

Last but not least, lipsticks!
There two lovely shades are 06 and 14 from the Essence brand. They're so cheap but so good! 06 is also the perfect Pantone-colour-of-the-year lipstick! 

Hope you enjoyed my favs. 
What have you been loving lately? 
Do you have one of these things and what do you think about them? 
Leave a lovely comment for making me smile and I will see you on the next post!


  1. I really want to try that garnier roll on. It looks so much quicker than applying cream

  2. Love the garnier roll one! Beautiful lipstick shades :) Following on bloglovin now :) Rebecca | xx

  3. Hello! I tagged you to do the Drugstore Makeup tag as I thought you would enjoy doing it! You can find it on my blog :) xx