Thursday, December 04, 2014

My Winter Essentials: Skin

Hello lovelies! 

As the winter months have definitely crept up on us, I thought it would be nice to show you my winter essentials; things I always need and enjoy during the cold months!

I'll be doing few posts with different subjects, so let's start with SKIN!
I definitely have dry skin (except for some parts of my face); and of course, cold makes my skin a lot more sensitive and dry. 

So.. starting from the face, all I need it a good moisturizer; the one I've been loving recently it's the Bionike Defence Hydra5 that I bought at my local pharmacy after they gave me a little sampler. It's really amazing and works very well on my skin! It's really "light" and it doesn't make you feel oily after putting it on and this is great cause I really hate those creams that make your skin oily or that are too thick. 

Moving on the eyes, shame on me, I don't use eyecream :( this is just cause I can't find a good one, so please write me in the comments what you use so I can give it a go. I feel I really need one these days as I don't sleep well and my eyes are always so dry cause of studying and windy days. Ugh. 

It's now hands turn! I ALWAYS have cold hands, no matter what. haha so I usually carry around my hand cream in my bag and the one I'm loving at the moment is the Neutrogena handcream. It is reallt amazing! You can really feel the difference after applying it cause it leaves your hands so so soft and the smell is so nice that I really enjoying applying it over and over. 

For the body side, how can I not mention The Body Shop? hehe
In fact the product I love the most from this brand and the thing I always enjoy using (and, to be honest, smelling too!) is Body Butter! They're so rich and great, you can really feel they are working on your skin and, omg, they smell like heaven! The one I'm in love with right now is the Papaya one, which I also put in my September Favourites post [here]

And now my favourite part: lips!
As we all know, cold makes our lips a lot dry so we all need a great lipbutter! And my favourite at the moment is the Labello one in Vanilla&Macadamia. It's great and, again, it smells amazing! I really love Labello's lipbutters and my fav used to be the original one with the blue packaging cause I think it's the most moisturizing one but now that it came up with these new ones in the lil pot, I must say that are my new favourites from the brand! 
And second product that is in my fav list since many years now, it's the Lush lip scrub! I really love them so much; I love Lush and their store concept and even if I think the price is still a bit high for what, in the end, it is (sugar, oil, colouring and flavouring mainly) I think it worths the money. It leaves your lips very soft and, as it's made of sugar, you can apply it and then lick it off! And, again, it smells amazing (and taste amazing as well hehe)! My favourite is the Bubblegum one but I can't wait to try the Christmas one which is called Santa's Lip Scrub! 

So here are my Skin related Winter Essentials! What are yours? Have you ever tried one of these things? Do you have other brand's favourites? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

See you on the nex post!



  1. Love all the products mentioned! Body SHop is perfect for all those Winter essentials! x x

  2. I'm so lazy when it comes to my skin! i need to try some of these.. i do actually have the lip scrubs tucked away somewhere, they are amazing and i was obsessed with them for a while...i have the bubblegum one and... i can't remember the other one, chocolate maybe?

    Lovely post - as per usual!

  3. I like the sound of the Vanilla lip butter. I have just bought a few items from the bodyshop and will be back again soon I am sure.

  4. So nice to read about your must haves! I have head so many good things about the Lush lip scrubs that I really need to try them! Love the body butters from the body shop!


  5. Great post :) I also carry a hand cream around in my bag too!

    The Belle Narrative

  6. Love this post, I'm also in love with the Body Shop Body Butters!x

    Shakira ~

  7. great post, very nice favorites. I love neutrogena , my fave!
    you have a really nice blog, very cute.
    take a look on my blog, maybe we can follow eachother! :)