Monday, December 15, 2014

NARS - Virtual Domination Cheek Palette - 2014

Hello sweet ones! 

Christmas tree is done, lights are on place and.. a gift "come under my tree"!! And I know that gifts are meant to be opened at Christmas, but my aunt made me this gift while we were out in the city centre and it was just quick cause I have been telling her how much I loved it and it was the last one in store so.. we grabbed it and I couldn't be happier! :') 

As you may or may not now, I love NARS so much! I think their blushers are really amazing, I really love their colour range and all the lovely shades and formulations but even if I always loved them, I never ever had the chance to try them cause they are quite expensive for me, so I always stopped by the NARS stand in Sephora and tried, adored and gasped on them and then leave. So now I kinda had my "revenge". Finallyyy! 

The price for this Cheek Palette, which is Limited Edition, is €55,5/$65/£49 if I'm not wrong and it has three great blushes, a large bronzer and a highlighter. The quantity of the blushes is almost like the original size and the bronzer is almost double!! So I personally think that for what you have, this is a bargain! NARS blushes are around €33 each so the final value of this palette is actually something like €115! Woah. 

And can we take a whole minute to admire the packaging? Sure we can. I think it's the best packaging I have EVER seen!! Sophisticated and chic!
 I love it, it's A M A Z I N G. 

And it's also great cause it's the perfect size to carry on with you in your bag! It's almost a size of an iPhone5 and I put in the pic below the comparizon with my festive bumper (H&M) haha but I heard that it's quite like an iPhone6 in the size so.. it doesn't need much space. 

And here are the colours name. I really love the quality of this palette, everything is really pigmented and I am really mesmerized by everything. The Laguna bronzer is the perfect bronzer shade and I think it goes well for every skin tone and it's of course buildable. Miss Liberty highlighter is a little bit dusty and it's just glitter but it goes so well that I really love it! And then from the blushes side: Sex Fantasy is a pale lavander that I think it's great with pale skin and I love it so so much cause it's a cool colour and quite matte. Deep Throat is my second favourite and it's a lovely apricot-peachy shimmer colour. Last but not least, Final Cut that it's a coraly-peach and, of course, it's gorgeous!! 

That's it! I really hope you liked this little review and let me know in the comments if you have ever tried one of NARS blushes or the bronzer and what are your favourites. 
I am now going to light some candles and have a hot vanilla tea. 

Hope you'll have a nice evening!


  1. I really like your review.
    I've never tried a Nars product before but I've seen en heard a lot about it. So I probably will very soon.


  2. This looks fantastic and the price is not that bad considering you get 4 blushers and a bronzer (well it`s a lot, but for Nars I think this is actually affordable) Loved the review!

  3. i want this pallette!! i love nars products and it's just so pretty!
    love your blog, am following now!

  4. omg i never even knew about this palette!! the value is amazing! i love the highlighter looks so pretty! your photos are awesome thank you!! :)

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    Have a great day <3

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  6. I really want to try this palette the packaging is beautiful, and the shades inside xx | £100 Christmas Giveaway

  7. This palette looks incredible! I don't currently own any NARS products but this is definitely on my wish list now!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // Beauty Giveaway

  8. i have yet to try anything from Nars
    love the palette

  9. I love nars products too!

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