Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My fav bright pink lipsticks atm!

 Hello everyone!

As you can read by the title, 
I am writing to show you the hot/bright pink lipsticks that I am loving at the moment! 
As it's almost summer and the sun is up, I started injecting a bit of colour and brightness in my wardrobe and also in my make up; 
so what's better than a bright lipstick to warm up our faces? :)

I must say I am becoming a lil bit obsessed with lipsticks atm and I am starting collecting them with that "I want them all" mode. So yeah, you will probably hear me talking about lipsticks A LOT! lol


I have choosen 5 of my collection from different brands and also different kind and price.

Here are the lipsticks (and swatches) from left to right:

 L'oreal Rouge Caresse in 07 cheeky magenta
Rimmel London by Kate Moss in 05
Essence in 08 colour crush
Mac Impassioned
Pupa I'm in 406

(natural light)

So, as you can see, they all are amaaazing colours but they, obviously, have loads of differences.
Starting from the L'oreal one; this is not properly a lipstick (at least, I won't call it like that) because is more on the "tinted balm" side but this doesn't mean that is not good. In fact I really appreciate the formula cause is a lot moisturizing and the fact that is pretty light means that is also buildable and for those days where you don't want to go all-in but you also want a nice hint of colour on your lips! Also, is the most cool-toned between the other ones.

Second one is one of my fav from drugstores because of the formulation and smell and pigmentation and price! Obviously I am talking about the Rimmel one. I love everything about their lipsticks plus they smell so nice and last long! The finish is shiny and it's a perfect shade of pink that I think could suit everyone!

Then another highstreet/drugstore one is the one from Essence. It's not my fav one but the colour is so pretty and it costs around £2 so it's pretty much a bargain. It doesn't last so long, it doesn't have the strongest pigmentation but it's so lovely and moisturizing and I am actually using it a lot that I could not mention it!

Then let's move in to my truly fav ones, the one from Pupa and from MAC (of course, mac is always a winner)! The shades are pretty similar and the formulation too.. they are amplified/mid matt and satin, they last AGES even when eating, they are really confortable on the lips and the pigmentation is just on point! Love love love them! 
If you are planning on getting a bright lipsticks and you can afford a mac one, then definitely go for Impassioned cause it's just an unique colour mid pink and fuchsia and coral and it's so amazing you have to get it or, at least, try it! :)

I really hope you liked this post and maybe I gave you some inspiration about lipsticks; let me know in the comments what are your fav lipsticks for summer time so I can check them out and maybe buy them too and I will see you on my next post!

much loveee



  1. Wowww these colours are incredible! Loving the Mac & Pupa ones!

    Neesha | Reinventing Neesha ♥

  2. Ooo L'Oreals Cheeky Magenta is so gorgeous!

  3. Loving the mac and the loreal one!!

  4. LOVE the look of the mac shade! X

  5. I love impassioned by mac! So pretty :)