Tuesday, May 05, 2015

April Favourites ♡

Hello everyone! 

How have you been? So, time flies so fast and it's already May! 
So here are my April favs; things I have been using a lot or discovered and loved during April! :)
First thing it's the birthday present from my BFF and it's this pair of Nike Rosherun shoes I have been loving since they were out in stores but couldn't find them in my number and in this colour anywhere. I am so so happy for this amazing gift! :') 
If you wanted to buy them just go out and buy them cause they are amazing! They're so light and so comfortable and obviously soo pretty! (Perfect tumblr girl piece! eheh)
These are the black and white with the silver swosh! :)

My other fav is this MAC lipstick in MEHR which I have been using non-stop and I love it so much!
It's just the perfect "nude" shade for me, just because it's the perfect "lip colour but better" for me!
It has a matt finish and it really lasts ages on my lips.. even drinking and eating won't let it go easily! It's perfect! I really recommend you to give it a go, it may be the lipstick you're looking for!

Then, for my make up brushes obsession we have the pastel collection by Essence!
I really like essence brushes cause they're great quality and so cheap but these ones, for the pastel collection, not only are lovely but also softer! I really love them and need to go buy more!
Here's the eyeshadow brush and the blender brush but they also have the blush brush, powder brush, eyeliner brush and smokey brush which I need to find cause they're always out of stock!

Then one of the best thing I got in April, is this amazing watch by Daniel Wellington!
I got this in dark brown and rose gold and it's amazing! They quality is excellent, it's made of genuine leather which you can feel and smell and also you can really tell the attention on every detail!
It's so comfortable on te wrist and it's just the perfect watch for an everyday and everynight accurate, natural but sophisticated look!
It's also a perfect gift for someone you love.. if you want to be my watch-twin and buy it, you can use my 15% off code "queenofnonsense" so you can buy it for less!
It really worths every penny!
Go see it here: Classic Bristol Lady DW

Then last, but not least, it couldn't be a fav candle! It's, as usual, a Yankee Candle and it's one of the new ones out this spring, named Cappuccino Truffle!
It smells so nice and soft; it's not too sweet, not too strong. 
Perfect for the day or tea time while making coffee or tea with cookies! :)

I really hope you enjoyed my favs of the month and let me know if you have any of these things and what you have been loving this month and I will see you on the next post!

Much much love!



  1. Amazing blog dear! Following you on bloglovin'! Check out my blog? :)

  2. Just found your blog and love it - had to give you a follow! Recently so obsessed with stylish sports trainers, especially love the minimal Nike pair :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x