Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mini haul: Mac, Essence, Yankee Candle, Avon

Hello everyone! 

I kinda miss writing here, so I thought I could show you a mini haul of things I bought/tried lately and let you know what I think! :)

First thing is a moisturizer from the solutions line by Avon. As you may or may not know, I have quite dry skin, especially on top of my nose and the centre of my forehead (in winter I have those awful patches that I absolutely hate!) so I am always up to trying new moisturizers and lately I've bumped into this one! Hydra Beyond.. and the name sounded like just what I wanted.
It's not properly a cream but it's a gel creme, it feels very light and soft and "watery". When you apply it, it really feels like your skin is drinking water or something and the great thing is that it dries up in a bit leaving your skin so soft, so fresh and so hydrated! I'm usually the laziest when it comes to apply serums or creams cause I usually don't like that "oily" sensation when you apply them BUT this one actually makes me want to use it more often, and this is a great thing for me.
It's was like £7 on offer and I'm so happy about it! 

Second one is a thing I had for months in my make up drawer but I've been loving recently. They're shimmer pearls or highlighter but they are so so lovely cause the finish is pearlescent and not glittery.

I've been using the Nars powder highlighter and the one from the balm but they all have glitter in it, some are pure glitter which is great for a night out but a bit too much for a everyday make up. These, instead, are wonderful and they just give the perfect touch of light you need for highlighting without ending up looking like Edward Cullen on a sunny day. lolz.
Also, Essence products are so cheap and some of them are really amazing. 

Random thing is this candle. Well, if you read my blog, then you know I have an addiction to those candles. 
And Yankee Candle just came out with new fragrances and this one is O-M-G. 
I can't even describe how it smells like, but it's so gentle, so fresh and I don't know, I just adore it!

Tadaaan, as you may have seen from the title, I also went to MAC and of course bought a lipstick!
I just needed a nude/everyday shade/I wana put it on everyday all the time with every make up shade and I ended up choosing this, which is Peach Blossom. I just love it. It's a cremesheen, lovely pinky/peachy/nude shade that suits my skin tone and goes well with almost every make up and lasts few hours; It's not longlasting as a retro matte one but you won't have problem reapplying it cause it smells amazing and feels so soft on lips that you will find yourself use it again and again almost as it was a lipbalm. LOVE. 

This is totally random, but if you follow me on instagram (come and say hi if you want! queen_of_nonsense) you will know I was quite excited when I got these in my mail. I ordered these from ebay on the end of December and I was about to consider them lost in the awful world of postal parcels but they actually arrived and I'm so happy. Of course they're for my dog and even if she hates them, I will try a way to let her use them at least when it rains outside or it's freezing out; they're so cute and they're lined so they also are warm. If someone of you is interested in buying them, leave a comment here or send me a message and I will link you the actual seller. 
They're so chap and the quality is really good! So yeah, my dog has boots now! haha

Sorry if this is a random post but I really wanted to sit here and write!
Hope you're having a nice day!
 (I'm a bit ill but at least I can sit here writing and watching tv series! hehe) 
Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried one of these things or if you have an addiction to YC too so I can feel less weird and I will see you on the next post!



  1. I will defiantly be trying the new Yankee! I'm down to my last little bit of my last one so i'm glad I seen this post before I go into town on Saturday. The MAC lipstick is everything that I've been looking for! I don't know why I haven't seen it before! The colour looks amazing! I'm in love with Plink at the moment, its like a silky pink which is very pretty Xx

  2. Great post! Makes me want to go and buy stuff aha, especially that Mac lipstick - it looks gorgeous! Love your blog,

    Beth x | Beauty, Fashion, Life.

  3. I love that lipstick, i'm looking in to getting it and the shade 'velvet teddy'! Great post x

  4. Love your blog!! New follower x