Sunday, November 30, 2014

Urban Decay Vice3 palette: review & swatches!

Hello everyone!  

Here I am with a review + swatches of the newborn of my most loved Urban Decay, the amazing Vice 3 palette!
Got this as an early Christmas gift by my mother 'cause there was a 20% discount code at Sephora so we couldn't resist! 

The price for this palette is $60,00/49,99/£42,00 for 20 x 0.03 oz very pigmented eye shadows, a make up/beauty bag and a double-ended eye shadow brush, but also a great package and an inside mirror as big as the palette! You can think it's expensive watching at the whole price but considering all the things you have and the fact that you have 20 UD eye shadows, it's a really really good price! Perfect as a Christmas gift - you really should get it - Santa, are you reading? *cof cof*

I really love the mirrored/shining packaging and absolutely adore the fact that "vice" word is in 3D and in a great acid green colour! The make up bag is nice, it's great for carrying away your palette, but you can of course use it as a normal makeup/beauty/stuff case! It's not that big, but still a great size if you just want to keep something on your bag.. I'll probably use it to keep in my bag some wipes, a lipgloss, lipstick, face powder, concealer and a hand cream :)

Here are the colours

Truth (pale pink-nude matte), Dragon (bright metallic green shimmer), Vanity (smoky metallic eggplant/multidimensional micro-glitter), Alien (pink-peach/golden shift), Last Sin (champagne shimmer/silver micro-glitter), Undone (pink-beige/matte-satin/tonal pearl), Freeze (metallic medium blue/multidimensional micro-glitter), Lucky (metallic bronze), Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin), Angel (light taupe/silver micro-glitter), Downfall (warm light brown matte), Heroine (deep navy blue/tonal pearl), Reign (rich brown satin), Bondage (deep, smoky burgundy/shimmer), Defy (smoky taupe satin), DTF (taupe matte/pearl), Brokedown (metallic golden brown shimmer/gold micro-glitter), Bobby Dazzle (metallic white/pale gold micro-glitter), Sonic (metallic red-copper) and Revolver (soft black satin/iridescent pearl) 

And here are the swatches in natural light (left) and artificial light (right) :)

from Truth to Brokedown

from Vanity to Sonic

from Last Sin to Revolver

I really really love and recommend this palette to anyone! 
I'm so glad I had the chance to have it and I feel very happy with the colour range.. There are a lot of colours but all absolutely wearable and easy to combine! Very smart is the fact that every column has shades that are great together so if you don't have time to just sit and think about which colour is great combined with another, you can just choose a column and here you are! First and last columns are for a neutral and nude look, second one is when you want a bit of colour (I just love Drangon and Freeze! They are amazing for real! And I'm not the person that usually put colours like that on the eyes so it says much about 'em!), third and fourth one are amazing and very autumnal, one browny and the other one with a great berry colours! Can't wait to put them on! As usual the quality is great, they are super pigmented and very blendable so I personally think it worths every single penny! If you're in doubt just go at your local UD seller shop and try is! 
You'll fall in love! 
At the moment my favourite colours are (in a random order): brokedown, freeze, lucky, vanity, sonic (great, great, GREAT colour if you have blue eyes!) and last sin! 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments if you would like to buy it, what are your fav colours and, if you have it, write in the comments how it worked on you so you could be helpful for other people! :) 

Big kisses to every single one of you!! x 

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. this palette looks amazing, i really like how it has something for everyone - brights and nudes! I love my nudes and this could give me that plus the option of an occasional bright coloured look! lovely review!

    1. by the way, loving your new header! x

    2. Aww thank you lovely! <3 I'm glad you like it! I think it's nicer like that and it's more "me-style" hehe :) x kissesss

  2. amazing palette!
    gotta check it out :)
    xx Lia

  3. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    You can check it out on my blog:
    You have wonderful blog! xx

  4. Lovely palette! I'd love to try it out x

  5. I really want to try this palette, not sure I can a pull off rainbow colours though. Great post!


    1. I'm a nude-look-person too and I'm always scared of putting colours on my eyes! But I can assure you they're not that "rainbow"! :) There are a lot of "nude" and browny colours and the other colours are so nice and "soft" that I can't feel like I'm wearing colours! :) I know this makes no sense hahah but they just give you a hint of colour to warm your eyes a bit! xx

  6. Wow I love this palette! I used to be obsessed with Urban Decay ten years ago haha