Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brighton fun ♡

Hello everybody! 

It's been a while and as usual my life totally went crazy, like CRAZY these months, with ups and downs. 
From the downs part my dog had some problems and got a surgery and from the ups part I went to my friend's house (she lives far away from me :( ..yeh, it's awful) and we managed to spend some days in Brighton! ♡

I am going to skip the "downs" part cause it hurts.. Anyway my dog is better now and she's happy and obviously I am super happy for that, but I just don't want to rievocate those sad days full of anxiety, panic attacks at night, tears and worries. So I'm just going to say that we're happy now, that everything went well and I just want to thank all the lovely persons that commented my instagram post with lovely words saying that everything would have gone well! I really love you all and wish I could hug every single one of you that always leave nice words for me! So now, let's go straight into the exciting part of the last month: the trip

I went to my friend's house, had a 3 hours train trip and finally arrived at her place! I really missed her a lot and I already miss her a lot. It's so awful when you have friends that live away from you cause you will never know when you will see them again and time always go fast when you're together. 
Ugh, I'm getting sad so let me cry just a little bit sharing some pics of us. 

LOL at us. I miss her and love her A LOT. 

I spent some days at her place and then on October 14th we went to BRIGHTON
One of the most wonderful city in the planet in which I left a big piece of my heart. ♡ It's so beautiful and calm and nice and it's near the sea.. I can't think of something I didn't liked of it. I felt like "oh that's my place, this is where I can imagine me living" and it was one of the cutest feelings in the world. 

We spent a lot of time out, walking, on the beach and of course went crazy shopping (especially at Primark). First night we also put our onesies on and went on the beach! It was AMAZING! 

I could cry thinking about the amazing time I had!! And, just saying, I went crazy cause PSL was back and we actually had a lot of it around Starbucks'. Haha! It's never too much PSL when you know you'll miss it so much for the rest of the year! :p 

Do you like Brighton and sea? What are you doing in these days? Are you excited like me for the return of PSL? Let me know in the comments or tag me in a post and I'll be happy to read! 



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