Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mini boohoo haul and impressions:

Hello everybody! 

Today something came in my P.O. box! Yay! My very first order from Boohoo! Do you already know this site? Did you ever placed a order? I knew it since so long but I don't know why I have never placed a order before.. The other week I saw the sales and I told myself: okay, this is the best way to try it! So I did and came with this two adorable items! :) 

First of all I'm gonna say that I live in Italy, so I the parcel came in like 5/6 days, not that bad for post parcels! I am so afraid of postal packages cause the postal service here in Italy is not that good, once a parcel went lost and I had to ask refund and send so many mails to the costumers service buuut this is another story.. Soo, as I already said, the package travels through post and is a tracking post type which is cool, cause you can see where the parcel is like everyday. I was so happy when my package came cause I was especting it to take looonger as I once ordered from uk by post and the parcel arrived in like 20 days; I was about to ask for a refund and so anxious... Just awful!! But here it is, my cuuute package from Boohoo!! Yaay!

I bought a lovely dress with a crochet collar and soft fabric in navy blue with white pois.. I just felt in love with it, love at first sight means only one thing: ADD TO THE BASKET! 

And the second item is a bowler hat which I always been looking for.. I once saw one cute bowler hat, similar to this, at H&M but it was available only in L and it was way too big for my little peahead.. So I have been looking for it for ages and now I finally found one! :D It is so soft and light weight and even if its a one sized one, it fits me well! So I really enjoyed it! And oh, it's in black, of course! Love it! Also loved how it came, boohoo was so serious and lovely in packing cause they put the hat in a cardboard box so it won't be pressed or something; so nice from you Boohoo, your packages rocks! 

(Sorry the black one is out of stock, but you can still find it in grey and burgundy!)

And here we are! :) I just loved boohoo and I can't wait to buy more! Items feels true to size and to lenght and the images in the site are 100% real, I mean, I wasn't disappointed by the images; the items came exactly as they are showed in the site! :) I recommend this site soo much and if you can, go check out cause they have 60% sale off!! I can't wait to buy more and see other stuff, also see if the items wear out soon or not.. But for the prices they have, is very good site indeed! You can't expect a great quality, I can tell that the quality looks like the one of Forever21, not that good, not that bad, but it worths every penny! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of this posts, or if you want to see the clothes tried on. Have you ever placed a order from Boohoo? What did you buy? Impressions? Can't wait to hear from you! Byeee


  1. Very good post,dear.Your blog is so nice :)
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    Keep in touch love!

  2. really cute! never ordered from them but i've heard good things :)

    xx fameliquorlove

  3. Love the hat, I really want one like that ♥

  4. such a pretty dress, I love those hats too but they never fit my head :(

    Kirsty x More of Me ❤